the Neverending eXperience


Ognissanti presents
the Art
of dreaming
A story to live on your own skin
A story to live on your own skin



The light noise of a projector. The curtain rises. Someone welcomes you. No, he’s not a concierge, but our city: Trani. The stone, once very clear, has turned a little dark but, like the gray hair of an elegant person, it is more beautiful now than it was before. Because, it has one story to tell and another to write.



Inside, Acqua wellness center is a s a flourishing of soft lighting and warm temperatures. From the outside you will be captured by the colored specks of light in the harbor. But it is inside the SPA that the show takes place: the showers in chromotherapy, the fumes of the Turkish bath, the warmth of the sauna and the thousand bubbles of the pool are so beautiful and relaxing that you will almost regret leaving this page.
sensory Paths



Our masseuses are waiting for you to get to work. They gently tap the sore points of your body and, with the right pressure of their fingers, release the stress accumulated in recent times. Massages are deeply calming and are having quite an impact on your good mood.



The body wants to make itself heard and you are one with it. Pamper your body with massages and specific treatments, among scents of essential oils and balsamic creams. You are about to be reborn together with your partner thanks to the rituals that restore couple harmony. And there’s nothing more adorable than spending quality time with someone special.



Our experts are warm, welcoming, and put you immediately at ease. As if you were chatting with a reassuring and attentive friend, who has some interest in your skin, your body, and your well-being. Their treatments have the effect of rebalancing the body and revitalizing the soul.



Life at Acqua is as beautiful and serene as ever. An oasis of calm set apart from the hectic everyday life, where a romantic date with yourself comes to life. You have taken care of your body, blending beauty and relaxation. Now, look up and follow our Chilean pine, the largest tree in Trani: the city lights are waiting.

a Neverending eXperience

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